AI Powered Patient Reported Outcomes

Free AI Powered Patient Reported Outcomes tool. Gather PROs on Health-related quality of life, Symptoms and symptom burden, Experience with care; and Health behaviors. Reduce manual burdens.

Do you deal with HEDIS quality measures or are grappling with value based care? Running a health home? Care management agency? Chronic care management with high risk patients? We have your backs covered.

You can automatically run as many surveys as you want – for free. Health-related quality of life (HRQoL – this can include functional status), symptom and symptom burdens, experience with care, health behaviors, PHQ 9 , Cardio Vascular related surveys and what not. You choose how you want to handle patient reported outcomes – we deliver, out of the box.

Quality Measures, Patient Reported Outcomes – SOLVED

Patient Registry

Figure out who in your patient panel you want to work with. Stratify patients as per risk scores and clinical guidelines.

Out of the box surveys

We have so many surveys ready to go. Want a new one? Just ask and we will add that for you. It’s that simple.

Chronic care management

Your patient, your data, your surveys – you have access to all voice call recordings and SMS, transcripts, surveys. Patient care, billing, solved.

Tried and tested assistants

Patient Registration

We ask all the questions that your front desk would ask to create a new patient. Demographics, insurances, referring PCP, symptoms, chief complaint.. all of it.

Patient Intake

2-3 days before the appointment, we call the patient and have them answer all intake questions, most of review of systems questions as well. Tada!

Health Risk Assessments

Your staff spends a lot of time on HRAs. We do that automatically for you. We even tie in the diagnosis codes with symptoms when appropriate.

Medication Reconciliation

Stop spending time on medication reconciliation at the office. We call patients just before their appointment or on regular basis to reconcile their medications.

Medication adherence

We handle all medication adherence surveys (e.g. Morisky medication adherence) for you, remind patients to pick up medications and more !

New surveys added weekly

Need to run quality of life surveys? Quality of care? PHQ 9 surveys? ADL surveys? Start of Care Assessments? All Out of the box 🙂