Smart Front Desk

Free up your front desk to handle phone calls automatically. Artificial intelligence driven front desk at your service, for free

Customers call all day long. Mondays through Wednesdays are the worst – aren’t they? No problem, our artificial intelligence driven front desk handles almost all calls for you.

Handle appointment requests from both new and existing customers. Get voicemails encrypted and transcribed to your own personal email or phones. Never miss a single call, callback all abandoned calls automatically. We even tell you if your caller is happy or not and whether your front desk made the caller happy or not. Yup, the possibilities are limitless.

Missed patient calls?

Callers will get a callback and if calling from a mobile number, they will get an SMS as well. Next time your patient calls, they will hear “Thanks for calling back”.

Abandoned Calls?

Dealing with dropped calls from patients? Our system ensures the caller gets a callback. If calling from a mobile number, they get an SMS as well.

Post call surveys

Want to get satisfaction surveys from patients, vendors, callers? Simple – follow up each call with a post call survey (opt in, of course).

Chat to serve more callers

Your front desk can only answer one call at a time. Why not serve more callers via chat? Patients call in, opt to chat from the mobiles – do more with less staff.

Your own team or use ours

You can use your team and staff to handle any calls that our software does not handle automatically. Or, you can also use our team to augment your staff. Your choice !

Transcribed, encrypted voicemails

Missed calls, abandoned calls happen – but there’s no need to. Spin up voicemails for everyone, transcribe, encrypt and get notified via SMS and email.

Reduce duplicate callbacks

Impatient patients and callers call back multiple times. Reduce these duplicate call backs and keep patients, staff happier.

Call sentiment alerts

Unhappy callers? Unprofessional call staff? Get call sentiment alerts in real time and address it immediately.

Automated call disposition

Understand why callers call, stop annoying call staff with “why did people call”. Do it automatically with speech recognition and Artificial intelligence!

Automated post call tasks

Front desk gets calls for many things but depends on back office to get tasks done. Using Artificial intelligence and speech recognition, create and assign tasks automatically for the back office.