Automated customer engagement

Free, automated patient communications. Get started with our tried and tested messaging templates. Leave voicemails when SMS fails. 2 way SMS, Text message blasts for anything you need done.

You need to call customers for so many reasons. Get them all done automatically, for free.

  • Appointment Reminders
  • No Show Reminders
  • Cancellation Outreach
  • Balance Reminders
  • Payment Confirmations
  • Patient Reactivation
  • Demographics Updates
  • Insurance Updates
  • Consent Form Signatures
  • Marketing Blasts
  • Practice Updates
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Patient Reviews Requests
  • Patient “checking in” messages
  • Community outreach campaigns
  • “Use it or lose it” campaigns
  • You name it, we’ve got it

Templates library

Use our template library for appointment reminders, no shows, cancellations, patient balance reminders, recalling patients fallen out of care, satisfaction surveys and many more..

2 way SMS, Text Blast

Send text messages to one or all your customers / patients in one shot, without being an IT geek. Have 2 way, natural conversations with patients – improve your bottomline.

Voicemail drops

We send a voice note or voicemails to patients where SMS fails. If patients actually pick up the call, then can press 1 to speak to you or your front desk.